After months of negotiations, rumors, and speculation, the NASCAR world can rest easy as a title sponsor for NASCAR’s premier series has been announced.

Monster Energy was announced Thursday in Las Vegas, that they will become NASCAR’s newest title sponsor for NASCAR’s Premier Series. This is only the fourth title sponsor in NASCAR history for its top division. Sprint announced in 2014 that following the 2016 campaign, they would retract their title sponsorship of NASCAR, as well as their sponsorship of the season opening exhibition race in Dayto

“Monster Energy is a brand built on excitement and enthusiasm, qualities that align with NASCAR,” said Brian France, NASCAR Chairman and CEO. “This sponsorship position is the most unique in all of sports and entertainment, and we are thrilled to have a partner that will help us further elevate the series. Today’s announcement is the culmination of a thorough search, one that resulted in the right partner at this important time in our sport’s history.”

Monster Energy currently sponsors in a variety of motorsports, individual athletes, and teams, but never have they pulled off sponsoring one of the largest American Motorsport organizations in the country. For this deal, the duration or value were not announced.

Monster Energy has enjoyed time sponsoring a variety of drivers across all of NASCAR’s Touring levels, including Premier Series champions Kyle Busch (pictured mid-right) and Kurt Busch (pictured bottom)

“Monster has built its brand on racing and motorsports, and NASCAR is the pinnacle of motorsports in America,” said Mitch Covington, vice president of sports marketing at Monster Beverage Company. “It’s American racing; we’re an American brand that’s a global company, and NASCAR is, too. When the opportunity came along to further associate yourself with a sport like NASCAR, it was the perfect fit for us. … NASCAR is just a hard-hitting, close-racing, fun property to be associated with.”

Monster Energy will also become the title sponsor of NASCAR’s All-Star night, as well as being titled as the Official Energy Drink of NASCAR. After primary sponsoring Kurt Busch for the last two seasons, the company said they will continue.

NASCAR executive vice president and chief global sales and marketing officer Steve Phelps, claims that while they spoke to many companies about the title sponsorship, Monster Energy was chosen for its diverse work build through social media, its fan base, and its experiences.

“We have the good fortune of finding a brand that we believe works for our sport,” Phelps said. “They’re going to bring their lifestyle to their activation. … They’re going to bring their brand, their excitement, their energy to this partnership, and the fans are going to be the winners. It’s all about engaging the fans and having the fans have unique, fun experiences whether at the race track or through different mediums, through social, digital, content.”

The agreement states that all currenty energy drink sponsorships will remain in place until they expire, and that no other competing company will be eligible to sponsor in NASCAR unless they are already involved in the sport. Erik Jones’ #77 5-Hour Energy Toyota for Furniture Row Racing, will appear next season after uncertainty.

While the title sponsor is announced, discussions remain underway for the series name, the logo, and the brand new trophy design.